Transforming the way mental health care is delivered.

Rose is a Behavioral Health Integration and patient monitoring solution that seamlessly helps health care providers stay connected with their patients and monitor their mental health on a regular basis.

Rose empowers and connects providers to their patients to deliver a new level of care.

Providers can connect more with their patients through checking the patients’ daily logs and mood check-ins through the app. The use of this app is also covered by insurance.

Stay in tune with your emotions, thoughts, and important moments by logging them in the Rose app each day.

Self-care is important between appointments with your provider, and Rose can be your go-to resource to track your daily logs as well as provide resources to you to best support you.

Who Is Rose Health For?

Better access to mental healthcare improves patient outcomes.


Have the opportunity to be more engaged in your patients’ daily thoughts, improve appointment efficiency, and increase revenue by using Rose today.

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Log your daily thoughts and access resources and provider-lead personalized education to keep your provider updated for a more seamless care routine.

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Health Systems

Increase efficiency and expand the impact of your care team, as well as improved revenue and health outcomes.

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Evidence-Based Results

IRB Study by Mental Health Thought Leaders

Rose has been clinically proven to improve patient outcomes. In an IRB-approved study , participants saw improvement within 5 weeks of use.

of participants used the Rose app every single day during the 5-week study
of participants completed all PHQ-9 and GAD-7 in-app scales
improved their depression scores - from severe to moderate or mild depression
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What Sets Us Apart

Evidenced-guided care

Through dedicated research studies and pilot programs, the Rose clinical experts have validated each element of the platform. This is done prior to offering that element of the solution broadly to ensure top-quality evidence-guided care.

Innovative AI & natural language processing

Rose has built its platform entirely in-house with patent-pending natural language processing to detect emotional tone and situational context.

Clinical autonomy and improved outcomes

Rose enables clinical teams to combine AI-driven suggestions with customizable data collection and content delivery. This powerful combination has been shown to improve patient outcomes while decreasing clinical team burden.

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Our Mission

We champion patients and providers by providing innovative ways to access safe and reliable mental health care.

Today, Rose is actively developing an ecosystem to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of making safe and reliable mental health care accessible to all.

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